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In order to use the Sony smartwatch, it must be paired with an. The step-by- step instructions to connect your Sony smartwatch with an Android Pairing a Sony SmartWatch 2 Using LiveWare and NFC Tutorial; Solvedcan't. 2. Charging the watch. Huawei Watch_Why can I only open WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, SMS, and message notifications into one smart watch. Don't be - simply read o our handy Android Wear app guide. 2. Installing apps from the web. How to install apps on your Android Wear.

Do you have trouble connecting the DZ09D smart watch phone to your phone? Scan the QR code on the user guide, or get it from the watch app "Quick Step 2: Launch the app DZ09D will notify SMS, incoming messages from email, Skype, Whatsapp, etc., which can also be viewed on the phone. Generate QR code from anything and display it on a watch. Easy to share it with your friends, and you can use it as a very very cool business card. For now it. to your phone. Pairing your smartwatch with your Android devices This will depend on the exact model of the smartwatch you bought, so read the instructions that came with it. If you can't Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2 Hide Apps on Android.

The new update of WhatsApp now supports all Android Wear devices to use the application without picking up the phone.