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One yard of fabric means 36″ of length along the selvedge edge. It doesn't matter how wide or narrow the fabric is. If you ask for a yard (or a meter) it will be a measured in a legthwise direction off the bolt. k Views · View 2 Upvoters. For a knee length tunic with half sleeve I usually buy 2 meters of cloth (2. Finding Yardage Needs by Fabric Width: If you need 2 yards of inch fabric but the fabric you love is 45 inches wide, just slide your finger from the inch.

When you don't have a particular pattern in mind but find fabric that would, for Pants, full length (add -1/4 yard for cuffs), /4 yards, /8 yards, /8 yards. The amount of fabric is expressed as length (in yards) of a piece of fabric the width of Two calculations are performed since the amount of fabric required may. The yard (abbreviation: yd) is an English unit of length, in both the British imperial and US .. Other units related to the yard, but not specific to cloth measurement: two yards are a fathom, a quarter of a yard (when not referring to cloth) is a span.

The Fabric Calculator by Sailrite is a fabric estimator tool designed to quickly estimate how many yards of fabric you need for your cushion, throw pillow. Your project instructions call for two yards of 60" wide fabric, but the fabric you want to use is 45" wide. Hmmm attempting to dredge up that.