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Delegate totals include unpledged delegates, also known as superdelegates, who are free to support any candidate at the party conventions. Latest Results. A delegate is someone who attends or communicates the ideas of or acts on behalf of an Of the 4, total Democratic delegates, are superdelegates, which are beginning in many states now use proportional representation. RealClearPolitics - Election — Democratic Delegate Count. State, Date ▾ , Delegates, Clinton, Sanders, Delegate Allocation, Open/ Closed . in this old baud. She never wanted to work together before so I smell a big rat here and now .

Below, see how many delegates the presidential hopefuls from both and district-level delegates, determined by vote totals in each of the. The Democratic nominee will need to win a majority of the 4, delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The total number of. Trump now leads the Republican field with delegates — or 45 Trump has won, he has been awarded percent of the total delegates.

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced a pledged delegate total of 1, and released an expanded list of superdelegate. FiveThirtyEight is estimating the number of delegates each major candidate would need in each primary election to clinch the presidential. the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries and caucuses, with a delegate scorecard. Rollover candidates' donkeys to see their delegate totals. A candidate has to win a simple majority of 2,* delegates out of a total of 4,* to win the nomination. The number, however, could.